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Our beautiful and well maintained golf course takes just two and a half hours to play. With an abundance of trees, it not only offers a picturesque walk but a true test of golf for any level of player! Please click here to download the scorecard.

Hole 1

The first hole requires a high straight shot in order to negotiate the avenue of trees and the well bunkered green. Beware of the water to the rear of the green!

HOLE RENOVATIONS: The first hole has recently seen the completion of 3 newly renovated bunkers making this a beautiful opening hole

Hole 2

This hole plays at least a club longer than it looks. The bunker in the fairway is placed deceptively short of the green.

Hole 3

It is best to hit your tee shot beyond the hole in order to leave yourself an uphill put on this very sloping green.

HOLE RENOVATIONS: This hole has recently seen the completion of Herringbone work to the green, allowing for super efficient drainage

Hole 4

Avoid the bunker to the left of this postage stamp green as it is the deepest on the course.

HOLE RENOVATIONS: This hole sees a newly renovated revetted pot bunker; extra depth therefore making a tougher shot!

Hole 5

The longest and one of the most beautiful holes on the course. A good straight shot is required here.

HOLE RENOVATIONS: A new and enlarged tee box has been built along with a newly renovated bunker – this hole really is a gem to play!

Hole 6

Distance control is all important here. The hole has trouble in the shape of a bunker at the front and trees at the rear of the green. A good shot will find this narrow green.

HOLE RENOVATIONS: A new kidney shaped bunker has been built on this hole protecting the front of the green.

Hole 7

You have choices on this hole. Play a lofted shot over the huge oak tree, guarding the right hand side of the green, or play a lower shot to the opening on the left.

HOLE RENOVATIONS: This hole sees a newly renovated bunker, guarding the right side of the green.

Hole 8

A very strong up-hill hole, the ground slopes slightly from left to right so a tee shot favouring the left side of the green will normally bounce on.

Hole 9

A great looking hole, down hill and bunkered left a right. The hole invites you to hit a good approach.

Hole 10

A cheeky hole this one! It is very flat so it is difficult to get the distance spot on.

HOLE RENOVATIONS: A newly renovated bunker positioned to the front left of the green.

Hole 11

This hole is more up-hill than it appears so take an extra club to land the ball on this bowl shaped green.

HOLE RENOVATIONS: Two newly renovated bunkers which are positioned either side of the green making this a beautiful looking hole!

Hole 12

The tee shot needs to be threaded between the stunning trees. A good shot may well be rewarded with a two!

Hole 13

Unlucky for some! Many a card has been wrecked by the shortest hole on the course.

HOLE RENOVATIONS: Two newly renovated bunkers positioned to the front and directly behind the green, the right club selection is required to ensure you miss these bunkers!

Hole 14

This is reputed to be Sir Henry Cottons favorite hole on the Course. A hole that fits perfectly in to its surroundings. Try to avoid joining in the village activities to the left!

HOLE RENOVATIONS: A new and enlarged tee box has been created along with a newly renovated bunker to the right of the green, this hole is another gem.

Hole 15

Another good looking hole, guarded by two front bunkers. There is more room to the right of the green than the left and also makes for an easier up and down.

Hole 16

Spin control is important with your tee shot here. The green slopes from front to back and has a tier running through the middle. Too much spin and you will find your ball coming back to you.

Hole 17

A good tee shot will avoid the tree, which is strategically positioned only 40 yards in front of the tee box, and land on the narrow green which is very well bunkered. The tee shot has the added pressure from the viewing gallery in the clubhouse and on the terrace!

Hole 18

The final hole plays up-hill towards the clubhouse which makes it difficult to hit the ball pin high. This is a strong finishing hole. It’s now time to reward yourself in the 19th hole!

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